Boat Insurance

For boat owners, there is boat insurance which protects them from the risks of owning and operating your boat, it's motor and its trailer. The policy covers your boat for a value you and your agent agree upon when the policy is written. If there is a total loss, that dollar amount is what is paid. There is no depreciation or unwelcomed surprise. This coverage is also known as the stated value. Specialty marine agents recommend agreed value because it provides fuller protection than an actual cash value policy, which deducts for depreciation. For a new boat, your agent may recommend replacement cost coverage.


How else does boat insurance protect me?


A standard boat insurance policy typically also provides liability coverage, which can help you pay for damage to someone else's property or for their medical bills after an accident; medical payments coverage, to help cover bills that arise from any injuries you or your passengers sustain; and even guest liability coverage, which can help pay for legal bills incurred by someone who uses your boat with permission.


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